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Edible Flairs creates everything from spectacular Wedding Cakes, to sparkling Whimsical Cakes, Cakes for the woman who loves handbags, or a particular theme, or a child's birthday you want to be extra special, we can do just that.

      Cakes for the guys who love to golf, or surf or drive hot cars.    


a cake with his favorite Fish or even for the Musician in your life.

 Cakes that inspire love        

       Edible Flairs makes cakes that look as good as they taste, call us for your personal cake consultation.

(954) 881-1163
              a beautiful ocean coral reef

or something spooky for Halloween....

Specialty Cakes

Welcome to Edible Flairs, we invite you to experience our custom Specialty Cakes created just for you to complement your personal taste and delight your guests at your next occasion or intimate soiree with some
"Edible Flair"!

for more information call
Edible Flair can create what ever you can envision.

Elegant brush embroidery adds a beautiful finish to any cake.
Perhaps just a simple butter cream finish.

We are happy to create something to complement anyone's style.
  Whatever you can imagine we'll create with cake, just give us a call.

(954) 881-1163

Or perhaps you have a
picture of something special
you would like recreated in cake or as an accent on the cake, we'll be happy to accommodate you.

Everything from the Baby Shower

to when they arrive

to their first birthday

and all the birthdays to come.